German Barmer Insurance

Barmer is one of Germany’s largest public health insurance companies, serving over 9 million customers nationwide. It is the preferred choice for students, employees, and trainees. In 2023, premiums remain unchanged, offering the best value for customers even as others increase prices.

Barmer insurance provides quality services for Chinese clients, including comprehensive medical and nursing coverage, dental care and cleaning services, professional check-ups, full coverage of HPV vaccination costs for clients under 26 years old, and generous annual rebates.

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Applying for Barmer insurance includes a 93 days free  Incoming insurance worth 98 Euros


Barmer Premium

According to German public insurance regulations, premiums include medical insurance fees and other additional insurance charges 


Younger than 23 years old

128.38 Month
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Emergency, outpatient, and inpatient expenses
  • Insurance coverage during legal working hours
  • your can take a minijob
  • Up to 350€ cashback per year

Between 23 and 30 years old with no child

133.25 Month
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Emergency, outpatient, and inpatient expenses
  • Insurance coverage during legal working hours
  • your can take a minijob
  • Up to 350€ cashback per year
Gross salary 8.39% Month
  • Emergency, outpatient, and inpatient expenses
  • Non-drug treatments such as acupuncture and massage
  • Free provision of travel vaccines
  • Free video consultations with expert doctors
  • family can join for free

Advantages of Barmer student insurance


Benefits of online application

Why choose Barmer

Highest cost-effectiveness

Barmer insurance has always been committed to providing low premiums and high benefits to customers, prioritizing customer interests as paramount.


Free vaccines and dental care

Barmer covers the cost of dental treatments and check-ups, including two free dental cleanings per year, and all dental expenses compliant with regulations. Women can be reimbursed for the full cost of the HPV nine-valent vaccine.

online service

We offer multilingual customer service, and you can contact us via phone, email, or our mobile app for the information you need, making it more convenient for users.

Who can join Barmer?

German public health insurance is a state-owned insurance company operated by the Federal Republic of Germany. If you come to Germany to study or work as a foreign national, you will enjoy the same high-quality medical services as German citizens.

  • German university students
  • German university students
  • Undergraduate and master’s programs
  • Exchange program students
  • Doctoral students with employment contracts in Germany.
  • Doctoral students with full-time or part-time positions with income provided by professors.

Scholarship doctoral students generally cannot enroll in public insurance but can apply for Care College insurance.

  • Can provide German employment contracts (non-minijob). Premiums are based on gross income, with the individual’s contribution totaling 8.39%.

To join Barmer health insurance. What should I do?


Online Application

Applying to become a BARMER member is very simple. Just fill out the online application form in 5 minutes.


Get police via email

We take care of the procedures for joining BARMER for you. You can receive your insurance confirmation via email on the same day.


Leave the rest to us

We will inform your university or employer, as well as the local social insurance agency, of your insurance information via M10.

Barmer Benfits

Free vaccination

The world is vast, and I want to explore it. Barmer insurance reimburses you for the cost of vaccines required for international travel, allowing you to travel to Africa or South America with peace of mind. Additionally, we reimburse the full cost of HPV vaccine for male and female customers under 26 years old. Women over 26 may also be eligible for reimbursement under certain conditions. For details, please contact us.

Dental health

Barmer insurance covers the cost of dental treatment and examinations, reimbursing those in line with German public insurance regulations. Additionally, we provide free dental calculus cleaning and specialized dental examinations.

advanced digital healthcare

Barmer insurance is the first company in Germany to digitize health insurance cards. Wherever you are in Europe, the electronic health insurance card allows you to quickly access the best treatment and healthcare. Whether you need to see a general practitioner, dentist, or receive treatment in the hospital, it's no problem. Just present your electronic health insurance card, and the costs will be automatically settled, making the whole process more convenient.

Free check-ups and healthcare

Disease prevention is often more important than treatment. We offer regular free specialized check-ups, and female customers over 30 years old can also participate in various specialized gynecological disease prevention examinations every year.

Free family insurance.

In Barmer German public insurance, when you join our health insurance, your spouse or partner and your children can all receive free insurance. Additionally, if you plan to start a family, Barmer provides professional services from the early stages of pregnancy to delivery, with all costs covered by Barmer during this period.


Benefit One: Health points

Participate in Barmer insurance health points program to earn up to 100 euros in annual points cashback or exchange for an additional 50 euros subsidy.

  • Download the free Barmer App to apply and upload various proofs or bill photos (recommended)
  • Or get a free application form from local branches

Every Barmer Customer

Each year, participating in various preventive check-ups, sports courses, or joining gym memberships, dental check-ups, or professional cleanings earns you points.

  • 150 points can be exchanged for 9 Euro, 500 points for 30 Euro
  • 1000 points for 65 Euro, and 1500 points for 100 Euro

If you participate in any of the following items, you can receive a €50 subsidy:

– Purchasing new eyeglass lenses
– Buying health-related supplementary insurance
– Professional teeth cleaning
– Orthopedic treatment
– Acupuncture or other natural therapies

Benefit Two: Health Cashback

Barmer insurance offers an annual Health Cashback package of up to 200 euros. Don’t miss out on this if you’re healthy and require fewer medical treatments and medications throughout the year.


If you’re generally healthy and visit the doctor for prescriptions fewer than four times a year, you can earn money by participating in this program!

If you’ve completed the following four activities within a year:

1. Visited a doctor but didn’t fill a prescription at the pharmacy
2. Received vaccinations
3. Underwent early disease screening
4. Visited the dentist

Then, Barmer Insurance will deposit €200 directly into your bank account.

If you use a prescription to get medication (per visit, not per medication), it deducts 40 euros. For hospital stays, it deducts 20 euros per day. When the total deductions exceed 200 euros, you’ll only need to pay a maximum of 40 euros to Barmer.

The cashback program operates on an annual basis, running from January 1st to December 31st, with a maximum cashback of 200 Euro.

For new members who join the program during the year, the cashback amount is prorated based on the specific joining date. For instance, if someone joins the program on June 1st, they can receive a maximum cashback amount of 100 euros for that year, calculated as 6/12 * 200 = 100 Euro.

Please email us, and we will send you the relevant application forms.

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