Health insurance for foreign students, doctoral students and language students in Germany

STU Insurance, as the best health insurance and wellness platform in the German student market, is the designated cooperative sales platform for a number of insurance companies such as Allianz Deutschland, Hansemerkur Deutschland, Care Concept Insurance Deutschland, DAK Insurance, Barmer Insurance Deutschland and many others. We are committed to changing the information asymmetry in the insurance needs of students staying in Germany, and establishing a friendly and convenient insurance market for international students and scholars staying in Germany.

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STU Insurance Germany has served more than 20,000 international students in Germany since 2013

Jessica Li

I am a PhD student from China currently studying Economic Engineering at TU Berlin. I highly recommend CC Insurance because not only do they provide excellent Chinese language service, but also the reimbursement for the past 2 years has been very smooth.

Care Your Life in Germany

Health Insurance for International Students


Meet German visa requirements

German visas require international students to have the required health insurance. STU insurance meets the German visa requirements and international students can apply for a visa with proof of the insurance required for their visa.

Low premiums and flexible schedule

Compared with other international student insurance policies, STU Insurance offers affordable protection for international students with relatively low premiums. International students can choose the duration of insurance according to their needs and can terminate the insurance contract free of charge.

Comprehensive medical protection

STU Insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage for hospitalization, surgery, outpatient and emergency care, ensuring that international students enjoy the same medical treatment as local residents in Germany.

Features & Benefits

Private insurance for people

Main features


Public insurance for people

Main features

Flexible payment and enrollment terms

You can take out an insurance policy and receive it before paying for it. The start and end times of the insurance can be changed free of charge to precisely match the duration of your studies in Germany.



STU Insurance and all related insurance policies support flexible payment methods, where you can apply for insurance first and pay for it later. You can apply for an insurance policy on our website, and choose to apply for the insurance policy in a lump sum or by transferring money from your account on a monthly basis. Once you get the policy, you will pay the premium before the insurance starts.


insurance coverage

Private health insurance customers can set the start and end dates of insurance themselves, and they can modify the start date before the policy takes effect. Insurance can be canceled free of charge in case of early termination of studies or early return to their home country.

Health insurance for doctoral and language students

Care College

24.5 /Month
  • Up to 5 years
  • under 40 years of age
  • Outpatient and emergency consultations
  • Hospitalization and its medical expenses
  • Drugs and assistive devices
  • insurance card
  • insurance coverage in home country
  • refund if no claims in one policy year

S14 Insurance

38 /Month
  • Up to 5 years
  • under 35 years of age
  • Outpatient and emergency consultations
  • Hospitalization and related costs
  • Medical expenses and assistive devices
  • Acute toothache treatment
  • Repatriation transportation for medical needs
  • No self-pay component
  • Insurance companies can pre-pay for office visits
  • personal liability insurance

S22 Insurance (short-term)

29 /Month
  • Up to 1 year
  • under 35 years of age
  • Same coverage as S14 insurance

Health insurance for college students

Public and private health insurance


124.40 /Month
  • under 30 years old
  • German public health insurance
  • Outpatient and emergency consultations
  • Hospitalization and its medical expenses
  • Pharmaceuticals and auxiliary aids
  • Costs of toothaches and fillings
  • Including care insurance
  • Additional Fit & Travel insurance for 120 Euro per year.
  • free incomming insruance


128.38 /Month
  • under 30 years old
  • Second largest public health insurance in Germany
  • Outpatient and emergency consultations
  • Coverage of hospitalization and related expenses
  • Medical expenses and assistive devices
  • Toothache and related treatments
  • Pregnancy tests and related costs
  • Including care insurance
  • Bonus for 300 Euro per year
  • free incomming insurance

Care Student (Private)

95.59 /Month
  • Especially for college students over 30
  • Medical insurance that can be registered at German universities
  • Outpatient and emergency consultations
  • Hospitalization and related costs
  • Medical expenses and assistive devices
  • Acute toothache treatment
  • Including care insurance

Our Benefits

Full range of products

Not only can you apply online for Germany's most popular private insurance and public health insurance, but you can also apply for exclusive S14 and S22 insurance packages that are even more cost-effective. There are also Care Economy and Care Europe Schengen travel insurance for all people.

Professional Services

The customer service team in Germany has the advantage of utilizing the local area to help you contact your German insurance company first to solve the problem quickly. We offer customer service in German, English and Chinese.

Fast ordering

All insurance can be applied online directly, and you can get the proof of insurance PDF file on the same working day. Insurance start time is flexible, you can contact customer service for free modification when you get the visa. Various payment methods .

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